Sunday, February 8, 2009


So I had the joy of watching:

The 51st Grammy Awards

For those of you who watched the know that it was actually pretty well done,

(Considering what today's music COULD do to a perfectly good awards ceremony.)

If you didn't see it...I'm NOT going to try and fit a 3 hour compilation of music into a blog.

It's your fault you didn't watch it, and go ask someone you know about the specifics.


In light of the Grammys I have decided to bring up something that many music venues have completely forgotten forgotten forgotten ...and something many people seem to be confused about.

This is called:


As a singer myself I have to say...
singing isn't all it's cracked up to be.

People talk about how much effort it takes,
  • The Training!
  • The Unbelievable Practice Involved!!

The Truth Is...

You're either born with it...or you're not

Nobody was ever born completely tone deaf,
And then suddenly went into training
nd came out singing Aida!!!

It doesn't happen...even if we would all like to think it does.

So now that we've established the fact that most singers don't deserve all the praise they get because it is luck of the draw on their part...

What counts as talent?


I think that it's safe to say that most instrumentalists are more talented than singers.

A person can be born with the ability to sing...

Google 4 year old singers, there are plenty of them...

But nobody is born with the ability to rock out on the piano or shred on the guitar,
(Not counting a rare child prodigy).

Instrumentalists take:
  • Constant practice,
  • Build up of finger or lip muscles,
  • Music Reading
So when you watch something such as the Grammys, and the famous singer has a back-up trumpeter or pianist... It is safe to say that back-up instrumentalist is usually more "talented" than the singer.


When it comes to music there are an infinite amount of styles:
  • rap,
  • hip hop,
  • pop,
  • classical,
  • jazz,
  • etc..
So which style takes more talent?

The Answer:
It depends on the artist

If there is a male pop singer with the range of a soprano and can do more runs than RoadRunner....then that is not natural...He's talented

If there is a rapper who has the ability to rhyme his or her sentences better than Dr. Seuss ever could..and still appeal to teenagers....
You might not like the sound of the music, but they're talented.

If someone can do it on American Idol...then the singer isn't as talented as you think they are.

So when looking at these guidelines for talent, it's safe to say that you can look at the Grammys with new eyes.

The music industry of 2009 really isn't that talented.

Yes, there are a few good singers here and there...but overall if you go see an artist of today live, you're disappointed..


Because in today's age singers voices are altered with technology,

Instruments are replaced with sound machines,

and TALENT is overall missing.

----Maybe one day the world will wake up and suddenly realize that most of these singers we idolize are not that much better than you or me...they simply got lucky at a certain point in their life.

....But I highly doubt THAT will ever happen.

Talk to ya Later!