Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For People Who Don't Like The Outdoors....

So it's something that has been long due as the nerd I am.......


Here in my dorm room my roommate and I have it pimped out with plenty of technology. We have:
  • Television screen,
  • Large flat-screen computer monitor,
  • Pumpin sound system,
  • PS3 and Wii
....Ya, we're men

So in light of this fact, I've basically decided this:

Once a week, the one called BLISS shall review a piece of technology in the modern world.
This is the word of the Lord.

As said above, this can apply to: A new game, system, movie, speaker set, anything....

And as an avid user of all of the above, you are all soooo lucky to hear from me

(Except of course those of you who actually go OUTDOORS..haha...what a thought)

First on my list:

PS3 VS. Wii

While some people think this extremely easy, it actually isn't...

As both Sony and Nintendo have made a substantial amount of cash with their systems.

For Good Reason

The trick to deciding which system to get is finding out what exactly you are looking for


Wii: Ok, I think everybody knows that the Wii is not exactly known for it's "technology". It's true...when it comes to graphics the Wii is a failure. But when looking at the thing it is pretty obvious...

I mean my sneaker weighs more than that thing.

(For those of you taking that comment literally....Corner)

However, it is not to be said that the graphics are not fun to look at. The graphics fit what the Wii is trying to do. The games Nintendo puts out there are not supposed to look realistic

(Have you seen the giant-headed Mii's??)

PS3: Awesome graphics.
In the PS2 there were a lot of great game intro graphics
...and then the game looked like something out of pacman.
But with the PS3, you feel like you got your money's worth. The games look great, and I have to say....it makes it a little more fun to play when the game looks and feels realistic.

*Winner= PS3


Wii: The Wii is spot on.
With games never seen before, Nintendo constantly has people waiting to see what they come out with next.
Of course, with the WiiMote, they also have the ability to make games that the PS3 cannot.
....Suck it Sony!

PS3: The Playstation has a couple new games here and there.

(I just got this game called LittleBigPlanet, and it's amazingly original and awesome)

But overall, there are really only 4 main game categories for Sony.
  1. You have the "GTA" games...which are just Grand Theft Auto with different titles.
  2. You have the "Prince of Persia" games...these include Viking, Rise of the Argonauts, any game where your some mythical or medieval person in a realm of monsters and for some reason "puzzles".
  3. You have the "Call of Duty" games...including all of the war games, Halo, and any Playstation shooter.
  4. And you have the sports games.
That's it. Predictable.

* Winner=Undecided
While the Wii has many more original games..the few original games PS3 has to offer blow the Wii out of the water. Wii has quantity, PS3 has quality....it's a hard call.



You're standing in front of the TV, your lightsaber in hand. As you use the control stick to move Darth Vader, you are swinging your sword through baddies and lunging at the TV, sending robots flying at the wall.
You are playing the Wii, and you are liking it.

You're sitting on the couch, using the same controller you've had for the last 6 years, playing the newest Halo for a week straight. Your leg has fallen asleep, and you are half playing the game, half trying to balance a bowl of popcorn on your stomach.
You are playing the PS3, and you've gained 30 pounds.



Wii: There isn't even enough online play for me to make fun of....Wow

PS3: Makes every game 100 times better.
Online play makes this system what it is.


For those of you who actually read the above portion....You enjoy good commentary on video gaming...and you are a nerd like me.

For those of you who didn't:


You'll have to deal with this only once a week, so pretend to care for the sake of being civil.

That being said...you can make your own gaming decisions. I'm just here to help you along the way.

Just remember, think about you want and look at what I said about each system.

Ask Yourself:

  • Do I want online play?
  • Do I want to jump around or not?
  • Do I like graphics or does only gameplay matter?

These are Life and Death questions

(Once again, if you are taking this literally, you do not know me yet...stay home)

HOMEWORK: Sit In A Chair And Look At The TV For At Least 6 Hours...It's Good To Be A Gamer

Talk to Ya Later!