Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Tips..THE RIGHT WAY


I'm on my way to leave my dorm room for Thanksgiving Break! I'm finally escaping the college atmosphere and going back to my house to eat a great Thanksgiving dinner. And I was looking through a bunch of articles online about Thanksgiving, and while I was reading I came upon this article of tips from Reader's Digest:

If you are the host...

-Plan to provide a traditional Thanksgiving feast, then be creative with side dishes.
-Whenever anyone offers to help or bring a dish, say, "Yes, thank you!"
-Use hollowed bread loaves for charming serving containers for cheeses, dips, olives, chips and small sandwiches.
-Once the table settings and centerpiece are in place, sit in each chair to make sure each guest will feel comfortable.
-Include favorite kids' foods, especially those they can eat neatly with their fingers.
-Provide at least one low-calorie dish and a vegetarian option. Then serve a sinful dessert.
-Completely clear the table of all dishes from previous courses before serving dessert.
-Fill the sink with soapy water so cutlery and small dishes can soak clean as the guests are finishing.
-Make it easy for guests who help you clean up to help you recycle. Place bins in the kitchen labeled "glass," "cans" and "trash."
-Keep club soda nearby to clean spots or stains on the tablecloth or clothing.

If you are a guest...
-Arrive no earlier than the time the host has announced and no later than half an hour after the time.
-Plan to stay about an hour after dinner unless travel plans or sleepy children necessitate leaving earlier.
-Bring a gift and write a note of thanks afterward.
-Offer to help set up for dinner and to clean afterward.
-Notify the host of any special dietary needs -- if you are a vegetarian, diabetic or allergic to common foods. You can tell the host how to prepare a dish you can eat, or even better, offer to bring that dish yourself.
-If you're going to a potluck Thanksgiving, bring a serving dish with your contribution. Remember, the best potluck dishes are those that need minimal preparation in the host's kitchen, can be served at room temperature and require only a fork to eat.

Ok, I don't know about you, but I have some tips of my own. And a lot of them counteract the tips given by the great "Reader's Digest".

First of All, the beginning tips as a host are obvious when creating a Thanksgiving dinner, but making a side dinner for children??? The meal is classic...turkey, mashed potatos, corn, cranberry sauce, blah blah blah
...And if your winey kid is complaining about it, the mom yells at him, tells him to be thankful for once in his life, and the kid has to eat it in silence or go to time out. That's how most family's work.

If you're a guest, the tips are COMPLETELY different.

Reader's Digest tells you to plan to stay about an hour after dinner is over. Those of us who have dinner with the family KNOW this is not even close to the amount of time you're going to spend there.

We're talking
clearing the table,
washing dishes,
talking with grandparents,
catching ALL of the football game,
and a lot more.
If you think you're going to scarf down your dinner and book it out of there in an hour...you are highly mistaken.

Now the tip that talks about setting up dinner before hand and cleaning up afterwards, there is not much of a choice in that.

As a college student I'm still considered a child ( Yes we are, to bad fellow students )...and that mean when Grandma tells you to collect the plates and bring them in the kitchen...you collect the plates and bring them in the kitchen.
This is not the PROPER thing to do
........this is what you to avoid getting a slap on the hands later.

And as for bringing your own dish to Thanksgiving dinner....SOMETIMES people do this. But most of the time you just end up coming an hour early and getting forced to stir gravy for 20 minutes while the host finishes cooking up the meal.

So as as human being, you don't really need tips like this from Reader's Digest. You know exactly what your family meals entail and how they are going to set up and clean up for them. So nobody should be reading Thanksgiving Tips online, instead you should just go to your family's house like you always do and enjoy the big eating event that is Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

And Talk to ya Later!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Female Species...College Style

So amidst everything that is happening in today's day in age, there always remains the life mystery of WOMEN

Now I have a girlfriend...however this does not mean I understand the female sex any better than any other man. However, an interesting thing happened today that I figured I would write about...and might as well include a little information to any female reader that might be reading this post.

- So I was at an event (Don't Ask What)....and there was this cute girl who decided to hit on me. Now of course I told her that I already had a girlfriend.... *Brownie Points* .....But she still decided to talk and flirt, and she walked around the campus with me and back to the residence hall where we parted ways.

Now with this story in mind it should be obvious that the fact that I have a girlfriend has no effect on this girl. Why is that you ask?? Well it's Simple....


No guy really understands why girls do this...If you're reading this and have an answer (Or think you do anyway) feel free to comment and tell me. Because when a guy sees a girl, if she's taken, end of story we leave her alone and look for hotties elsewhere. But a girl will work at getting a guy, maybe they're just more competitive then we are, (And they say GUYS are the stereotypical horny animals)

Now that the little story is done and over with, I have here a couple tips for women (mainly in high school) that should help you understand guys a little more. Maybe why some boy doesn't like you, or why guys always repeat this phrase......


1. MAKEUP and CLOTHING: This is the number one cause ladies. For some reason when girls are in High School, they feel it necessary to dress in style everyday, where long earrings, cake on makeup and odd colored eyeliner, pour gel and hairspray into their hair and then wonder why the guys go for older girls......STOP IT.....
When people go to college they suddenly drop to the same fashion level as hobo's....and oddly enough look better for it.
Half the time a girl is better looking without any makeup on....Whether she thinks so or not (It's the guy's opinion that you're striving for remember? )....and in college girls suddenly don't where as much makeup, they let their natural hair fall in place because of laziness, and stay in sweatpants and t-shirt. Which by the way...


Why do you think a guy looks at a girl who just woke up in the morning with her hair naturally in front of her face and stretching in her sweatpants and think it's hot?? I don't know..but High School girls have this idea that getting dressed up everyday is what guys want to see, and it's just wrong.

2. They're Looking For A Guy:
While in High School girls will hit on anyone as long as they have a six pack. There are your share of slutty girls, shy girls, loud girls, and many more...all looking for the "Perfect Guy".
But once in college girls have seen enough guys. They've seen their share of idiot drunks throwing up, Frat Boys jumping off banisters, nerds with their face in books...and suddenly they're looking for an actual GUY...and are sick of the six pack, abercrombie and fitch model. This gives cute, nice guys a fighting chance...AND THEY TAKE IT.
So if you're in High School and you're reading this...Give the nice guy a chance, because 9 times out of 10 the hot partier is just going to be a problem later on.

3. The Unknown:
Guys are attracted to a girl more often than not, because he does not know her. Most of the time a guy has grown up in a High School where he has known every girl who goes there since they were 6. Now suddenly there are all these college girls who don't have any history with him.
So..sorry girls, but you have a much better chance with the cute stranger from another school than your best 'guy' friend from elementary school.

Now this is not to say that all of these rules are 100% true. There are of course many exceptions and varying details, and you can't categorize them all....but these are the basics.

Talk To Ya Later!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm Dreamin of a White.....Thanksgiving??

I'm Not Kidding, It Snowed Today!!!

Obviously, there are those of you who have no idea, but North Adams is up in the mountains of Massachusetts....WHERE IT SNOWS IN THE FALL......

-The Picture is from my floor of the Residence Hall...Where I'm Still Warm-

Now all over campus there are students in full winter jackets, hats, the whole nine yards. so what does someone like me do at a time like this???

Well there are two kinds of people...There are the ones who will go out and have snowball fights and make snow angels and jump around in the white, fluffy powder. I personally think this should be illegal until December. No thinking about snow until then!!!

If "The 25 Days of Christmas" isn't on ABC Family yet....then I shouldn't see any snow outside.

The other type of person is the one who sits in their room all day while it is snowing and hopes that it ends quickly. But the heat in a college dorm is not high enough for you to be in a t-shirt and jeans..a sweatshirt is still required.

You want a Tip?

-Dress in normal clothing with a light jacket and go do a bunch of errands. Go somewhere to eat, visit people, just as long as you spend a good amount of time outside. Then run inside...Take a hot shower...Put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt...make yourself hot chocolate or warm milk...put your ipod on the stereo...turn on the news but turn off the volume so you are just watching the news to the music...wrap a blanket around yourself and hang out with friends.

^^^^The perfect thing to do on a snowy day. Trust Me, I've already had a couple....AND IT'S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING!!!

Talk to ya later!

My First Blog


So it's pretty obvious that this is my first time ever doing something like this...But seeing so many other people being cool with their blogs inspired me to start one. So right now I figure something interesting to talk about is what you go through when you first start a blog, (If you're thinking of starting one you might as well listen to someone who just went through all the problems).

First of all, I had to come up with a name. But the problem is coming up with a name that is catchy, describes your blog, and makes people want to read.


I chose "From The Dorm Room" because of it's simplicity. Everything I write about here is coming from in my dorm room...whether I'm in bed, sitting in a futon, or at my desk. And I think people might enjoy the readings of an average college student with a computer.

...After you pick your "name" you are then flooded with a bunch of things you can do to customize your blog. Add widgets, move them and name them, edit your html with a bunch of code most people don't understand, change fonts, colors, backgrounds, and so much more.
And while it may seem cool at first, it can be down right confusing.

So here's a tip.....Choose a template, Change your colors, Maybe change your fonts, and get writing!!! I spent like the first day or two trying to figure out what all this meant when I realized...You pick up all this stuff as you go along! What people are really visiting your site for is to see if your writing is as good as your catchy name selection. So don't worry about any of that other stuff just yet! Just do what you're here to do! Inform people, rant about meaningless stuff, report the news, whatever you feel like.

I'm tellin ya, if I knew to just go with the flow and write instead of googling how to change over a bunch of html and xml information, I would probably be a lot less frustrated with technology.

And yes I know most people begin their blogs with a first post about what kind of person they are and what all this means for them....but you can probably tell all that from reading my posts...(And of course it helps that I have a biography and profile on the freakin page).

Talk to ya later!