Thursday, February 19, 2009

Facebook Me Captain!

It was only a matter of time before I entered into the topic of,


Yes, yes...I realize that this is not a new thing at all, I myself have had one for quite awhile.


There have been recent changes and discussions about it that have caught my attention.

For all you socially awkward people out there:

Facebook is an online networking system that allows you to talk with people...without having to come up with instant responses like on IM.

If you are so socially awkward that you don't know what Facebook is, then you probably wouldn't be reading this blog in the first place......moving on

Who remembers the old fad before Facebook?


However, this social network site has been traded in for Facebook..

Mainly because Facebook has:
  • Better applications,
  • Better interface,
  • It's safer, and
  • More people use it..........

And of course because Myspace is now reserved for pedophiles....but who's judging?

How am I allowed to make these assumptions you ask?


  • It has better applications because there are millions of games, puzzles, interface options, and fun things to do on Facebook....which no offense, beats out being able to....
"Change Your Cursor!!!!! Whoaaaaa!!!"

  • The interface is much easier to read. You don't have a million spam and hoax downloads all over the side of your screen. There are tabs allowing you to look at your information in different categories...which are the same throughout everybodies account.
Unlike Myspace where you find yourself scrolling through random nonsense on their page, while not being able to see the font through the giant picture have a half naked woman they set as their background.

  • Safer isn't even up for debate. The security protection on Facebook is top notch...unless you yourself screw it up. And random strangers can't go in and see your information and pictures....YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT THEM AS A FRIEND.....what a concept.


I sometimes theorize whether or not kids will soon find some other site to talk to each other..because recently something has been taking place that scares children everywhere.


When I say parents, I of course mean our parents, teachers, strange adults, old people......everyone

You see...parents have this deep desire to be seen as "Cool" and "Hip" or "In with the kids".

This causes them to rationalize very irrational decisions...such as getting Facebook accounts.

They don't understand that Billy who posts funny jokes to his friends, and has pictures of himself partying at college....doesn't want his mom commenting on his picture about how he should be studying, or how cute he looks in that hat.

There should be a law,

1st Amendment:

If you are an adult
you should create your own networking system or continue to use email.

2nd Amendment:

If you are in your 20's and you have a Facebook...once you turn 30 your account should be terminated or transfered to the adult networking site...because you have lost you "coolness" status, no matter how bad you want it back.

Now I don't mean to be hating on adults....they love us and try their hardest to keep up with the times.

But we've all had our dad at one point or another look at us and go,

"That was wicked!"

And we just walked away shaking our head.

So who knows the future of Facebook??

Everyone thought Myspace was going to be the ultimate site until Facebook came out

...... and kids realized Myspace was creepy.

Now Facebook is having an influx of adults...and maybe some new site will come out that kids will flock to before adults know what hit them.

Because let's be honest:
How long does it take adults to figure out what's cool...and then figure out how to do it?


..........Case and Point

Talk to Ya Later!


Anonymous said...

haha that was hilarious Bliss! I take back what I said about your blog being lame.


Mom said...

Oh you're just pissed cuz I'm the one that got all the parents on...

Anonymous said...

and's so true...