Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Patrick's Day/ Spring Break

"The Minstrel Boy to the war is gone

In the ranks of death you will find him

His father's sword he hath girded on

And his wild harp slung behind him

Land of Song! said the warrior bard

Tho' all the world betrays thee

One sword, at least, thy rights shall guard

One faithful harp shall praise thee!

The Minstrel fell! But the foeman's chain

Could not bring that proud soul under

The harp he lov'd ne'er spoke again

For he tore its chords asunder

And said "No chains shall sully thee

Thou soul of love and brav'ry!

Thy songs were made for the pure and free,

They shall never sound in slavery!"

This is one of many songs that will be sung in the spirit of:

St. Patty's Day!!!

(For those of you who don't know...the national color of Ireland is actually BLUE)

Of course when this day arrives there will be plenty of
  • Partying,
  • Drinking,
  • Singing,
  • Dancing,
  • General merrymaking

Just as long as people stay safe and have fun......


That's all for my public safety announcement of the day


I have Spring Break this week

Lots of people have been having breaks right around this time, and it's pretty exciting.

I myself am staying here at school for Spring Break.....

Don't feel bad for me...

I'm actually pretty pumped about it...

For those of you going to different countries over break....


I'm Kidding...

But Really

I figured out that College Spring Break was actually way more of a big deal in High School than in actual College.

In High School people were like:

Oh My God! Spring Break once your in college is hundreds of naked women partying in Mexico. And your entire school is there on the beach. And everything is free. And you party like never before in your entire life.

In College people are ACTUALLY like:

Oh you're staying here at college? Ya, I'm going home for a week to hang with my parents and some of my High School friends. Mexico? Haha, maybe if I wanted to spend $2500...and nobody I know wants to come anyway.

So I hope you college kids are doing something fun or interesting!!

I hope you High School kids realize that you don't really have crazy stuff to look forward to!!

I hope you adults which you were back in college!!

And I hope you old people are not reading my blog!! (Just kidding, I love you all just the same)

Keep Living The Dream...
Unless You Get To Go To Mexico...
Then Just Shut Your Face

Talk to Ya Later!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dr. Seuss Has Nothing On Me!!

Today is the first day of March, and I am bored out of my mind

So I've decided to rhyme this post for no reason of any kind.

If you want to hear me babble, then go on right ahead

I cannot be held accountable for anything I might have said.

First I'll mention the weather, because I'm feeling lazy

It rains, it snows, it shines, it blows, I'll soon be driven crazy

The trees are bare, the ground is wet, I really hate this season

And you should all agree with me if you are men of reason.

Now to all the women reading, I am sorry for that mistake

But in order to rhyme the sentence it is one I had to make.

Next on the agenda is the midterms coming near

Something nobody looks forward to, for they come twice a year

If you are worried about your grade than I have some tips for you

Simply copy off an Asian, while you're at it make it two.

Now for all you Asians reading I must apologize

I said in the beginning I am not exceptionally wise.

If you find yourself offended then stop your reading here

I do not want an angry mob barking up my rear.

You know classes are tomorrow, and teachers are real pains

You'll be half-way across the country if you have any brains.

I guess classes aren't a problem if you finished all your stuff

But everybody knows that we teenagers have it rough.

You go to class, you call your mom, you finish all your work

You are tired and you're hungry and you're roommate is a jerk.

You're writing for the paper and you have a deadline due

But you cannot find your sources and now you have the flu

If this is not enough, then you go and oversleep your class

Now you're behind in all your work and your teacher kicks your ass.

If this all sounds familiar than I am just like you

But if you don't know what I'm talking about, you're over 22.

Now it's getting close to dinner, and life revolves around my meal

So I guess it's time to call it quits and let my fingers heal.

HOMEWORK: If you thought this post was stupid and will never read again,

I hope that you come back next time when I post God knows when.

Talk to Ya Later!