Saturday, November 22, 2008

My First Blog


So it's pretty obvious that this is my first time ever doing something like this...But seeing so many other people being cool with their blogs inspired me to start one. So right now I figure something interesting to talk about is what you go through when you first start a blog, (If you're thinking of starting one you might as well listen to someone who just went through all the problems).

First of all, I had to come up with a name. But the problem is coming up with a name that is catchy, describes your blog, and makes people want to read.


I chose "From The Dorm Room" because of it's simplicity. Everything I write about here is coming from in my dorm room...whether I'm in bed, sitting in a futon, or at my desk. And I think people might enjoy the readings of an average college student with a computer.

...After you pick your "name" you are then flooded with a bunch of things you can do to customize your blog. Add widgets, move them and name them, edit your html with a bunch of code most people don't understand, change fonts, colors, backgrounds, and so much more.
And while it may seem cool at first, it can be down right confusing.

So here's a tip.....Choose a template, Change your colors, Maybe change your fonts, and get writing!!! I spent like the first day or two trying to figure out what all this meant when I realized...You pick up all this stuff as you go along! What people are really visiting your site for is to see if your writing is as good as your catchy name selection. So don't worry about any of that other stuff just yet! Just do what you're here to do! Inform people, rant about meaningless stuff, report the news, whatever you feel like.

I'm tellin ya, if I knew to just go with the flow and write instead of googling how to change over a bunch of html and xml information, I would probably be a lot less frustrated with technology.

And yes I know most people begin their blogs with a first post about what kind of person they are and what all this means for them....but you can probably tell all that from reading my posts...(And of course it helps that I have a biography and profile on the freakin page).

Talk to ya later!


Mom said...

Hi Hon!

Jonathan could help you with the whole set up thing - he's getting really good at it. Right now that's what he is interested in. I know you have Max - who is good at puters....but you'd be surprised at how well Jonathan does! Love ya!