Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Female Species...College Style

So amidst everything that is happening in today's day in age, there always remains the life mystery of WOMEN

Now I have a girlfriend...however this does not mean I understand the female sex any better than any other man. However, an interesting thing happened today that I figured I would write about...and might as well include a little information to any female reader that might be reading this post.

- So I was at an event (Don't Ask What)....and there was this cute girl who decided to hit on me. Now of course I told her that I already had a girlfriend.... *Brownie Points* .....But she still decided to talk and flirt, and she walked around the campus with me and back to the residence hall where we parted ways.

Now with this story in mind it should be obvious that the fact that I have a girlfriend has no effect on this girl. Why is that you ask?? Well it's Simple....


No guy really understands why girls do this...If you're reading this and have an answer (Or think you do anyway) feel free to comment and tell me. Because when a guy sees a girl, if she's taken, end of story we leave her alone and look for hotties elsewhere. But a girl will work at getting a guy, maybe they're just more competitive then we are, (And they say GUYS are the stereotypical horny animals)

Now that the little story is done and over with, I have here a couple tips for women (mainly in high school) that should help you understand guys a little more. Maybe why some boy doesn't like you, or why guys always repeat this phrase......


1. MAKEUP and CLOTHING: This is the number one cause ladies. For some reason when girls are in High School, they feel it necessary to dress in style everyday, where long earrings, cake on makeup and odd colored eyeliner, pour gel and hairspray into their hair and then wonder why the guys go for older girls......STOP IT.....
When people go to college they suddenly drop to the same fashion level as hobo's....and oddly enough look better for it.
Half the time a girl is better looking without any makeup on....Whether she thinks so or not (It's the guy's opinion that you're striving for remember? )....and in college girls suddenly don't where as much makeup, they let their natural hair fall in place because of laziness, and stay in sweatpants and t-shirt. Which by the way...


Why do you think a guy looks at a girl who just woke up in the morning with her hair naturally in front of her face and stretching in her sweatpants and think it's hot?? I don't know..but High School girls have this idea that getting dressed up everyday is what guys want to see, and it's just wrong.

2. They're Looking For A Guy:
While in High School girls will hit on anyone as long as they have a six pack. There are your share of slutty girls, shy girls, loud girls, and many more...all looking for the "Perfect Guy".
But once in college girls have seen enough guys. They've seen their share of idiot drunks throwing up, Frat Boys jumping off banisters, nerds with their face in books...and suddenly they're looking for an actual GUY...and are sick of the six pack, abercrombie and fitch model. This gives cute, nice guys a fighting chance...AND THEY TAKE IT.
So if you're in High School and you're reading this...Give the nice guy a chance, because 9 times out of 10 the hot partier is just going to be a problem later on.

3. The Unknown:
Guys are attracted to a girl more often than not, because he does not know her. Most of the time a guy has grown up in a High School where he has known every girl who goes there since they were 6. Now suddenly there are all these college girls who don't have any history with him.
So..sorry girls, but you have a much better chance with the cute stranger from another school than your best 'guy' friend from elementary school.

Now this is not to say that all of these rules are 100% true. There are of course many exceptions and varying details, and you can't categorize them all....but these are the basics.

Talk To Ya Later!


Kelley Bruce Robinson said...

Hahaha so funny and true!

Anonymous said...

"The Waiting List" hahaha I smell a new classic term, great stuff.

Jessica said...

This pretty much made my day haha :)

Mom said...

I had to comment for Vera - she LOVED this post. sHe thought it was very insightful. Now as for me - I thought it was very, very funny. Who knew you had all those thoughts flying through that head of yours. ANd here I thought you were one of those shallow guys....

Anonymous said...

that was so fucking insightful. no wonder you have girls all over you.