Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm Dreamin of a White.....Thanksgiving??

I'm Not Kidding, It Snowed Today!!!

Obviously, there are those of you who have no idea, but North Adams is up in the mountains of Massachusetts....WHERE IT SNOWS IN THE FALL......

-The Picture is from my floor of the Residence Hall...Where I'm Still Warm-

Now all over campus there are students in full winter jackets, hats, the whole nine yards. so what does someone like me do at a time like this???

Well there are two kinds of people...There are the ones who will go out and have snowball fights and make snow angels and jump around in the white, fluffy powder. I personally think this should be illegal until December. No thinking about snow until then!!!

If "The 25 Days of Christmas" isn't on ABC Family yet....then I shouldn't see any snow outside.

The other type of person is the one who sits in their room all day while it is snowing and hopes that it ends quickly. But the heat in a college dorm is not high enough for you to be in a t-shirt and jeans..a sweatshirt is still required.

You want a Tip?

-Dress in normal clothing with a light jacket and go do a bunch of errands. Go somewhere to eat, visit people, just as long as you spend a good amount of time outside. Then run inside...Take a hot shower...Put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt...make yourself hot chocolate or warm milk...put your ipod on the stereo...turn on the news but turn off the volume so you are just watching the news to the music...wrap a blanket around yourself and hang out with friends.

^^^^The perfect thing to do on a snowy day. Trust Me, I've already had a couple....AND IT'S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING!!!

Talk to ya later!


Mom said...


I'm soooo sorry you have snow! But we warned ya when you decided to go there! Hopefully Santa will provide you with some long underwear!

Love, Mom

Mum said...

Hey there, Jeff!!!! As someone who spent a year and a half in Greenfield, MA - I can certainly relate! Sounds like you have an excellent plan for staying warm! What's in the hot chocolate?!?! Seriously though - Enjoy! These will be some of the best times of your life!!

Love - Aunti Val