Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Holiday Minute

Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Now obviously I didn't have any posts coming over vacation, but that would have been ironic if Iblogged "From The Dorm Room" from my house.

....Soooo, I'm back in my dorm room and I KNOW I had a great Thanksgiving. And there is something interesting that happens when you come back to college after a vacation..........

Your GLAD to be back!!

Now this is completely different from High School, where children DREADED the day when you had to go back to your teachers and back to your classes, But College isn't like High School, and therefore something different happens.

There are a couple reasons for this:

- First of All, college is not just about the classes. (Though parents would like to think it is)...There is the fact that you are living on your own, there are friends, places to go, and something interesting is always happening. EVEN if all you do is sit in a lounge and talk with a group of kids....there's something that makes it more fun than doing something like that back home.

- You're doing what you want. Classes are no longer all the random crap that you'll never use in life, instead you've chosen EXACTLY what you are going to take, and even enjoy doing it (though we might not always admit it). Going to class is no longer an all day event...a student might have 2 or 3 classes a day, and do fun stuff in-between each one.

- Kids enjoy being ON THEIR OWN!!! Now this is NOT to say that we don't like going home, because that would crush a lot of parents' hearts, it's just...we like VISITING home, our parents and friends, however we've now been exposed to living by our own rules and like the feeling. So going home is NICE, but students will find themselves happy to be going back to college in the end.

Now there is one other item on the agenda before I let you go....and that's CHRISTMASSS!!!!

Now if you're in a dorm room like I am..then I have some rules that you should really follow if you want to give everyone a nice early college christmas, and still stay sane yourself.

First of All...


This is a big no no. If you take your campus shuttle to Wal-Mart and buy every person on your floor and their brother a christmas present, you'll have found yourself spending $500 before you can say woops.

So keep it to these three people:

1. Girlfriend/Boyfriend
2. Roommate
3. Best Friend

Everyone else can get a candy cane or something.

If there are some girls on your floor, get them soap...they'll go wild and it'll cost you 5 bucks.

Some guys?? Food=Happiness

Keep the real gifts for the 3 people I mentioned.

Everyone will feel they got something for christmas from you...and you'll be happier because you've still got some dough in your back pocket.

Happy Holidays!

Talk to ya Later!


Kelley Bruce Robinson said...

I don't know about you but I'm still in the part of college where the general education requirements are still the pointless classes I'll never need in life. Wildlife Ecology and Conservation? Pretty sure I won't need that as a journalist unless I'm reporting for the National Geographic.

Mom said...

I can feel that umbilical cord ripping even more. Oh - "MR JOURNALISM" you spelled "your" wrong it's "you're".

Love, Mom

P.S. I'm really glad you aren't purchasing presents for the entire school - since we'd be paying for them!